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The Hearse Case Scenario
by Tim Cockney

This is the third book in this series. This issue finds Hitchcock Sewell, a Baltimore funeral director, with trouble on his hands. A childhood friend has been accused of stabbing a local tavern owner. At first, it appears the victim will recover. However, when the man is murdered in the hospital, and Hitch's friend ( along with his ex-wife)
goes into hiding, Hitch jumps into the case with both feet.
 Many adventures follow, as Hitch comes in contact with police detectives, private detectives, and other interesting characters. Not much of the action involves hearses, or the funeral home. Hitch does take his hearse on a date once,though (with expected concequences).
 The final evaluation? The Hearse Case Scenario is a well written mystery book. It could have had more hearse/ funeral parts added. This reviewer gives it an eight (out of ten) overall, and a seven for hearse related content.
Reviewed by C.B.
The opinions stated in this review are those of the author, and do not neccesarily reflect those of The Hearse Preservation Society.


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