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Welcome to The Hearse Preservation Society's on-line magazine.This will be a bi-monthly magazine for now. Why hearses? These vehicles are one of the last handcrafted vehicles made in this country. Also, the hearse had a big part in the early years of EMS. This is not a typo, see inside this issue for more details.

Table of Contents
Sept.-Oct. 2005

Article: How The Hearse Was Used To Save Lives.
Book Review:  The Hearse Case Scenario by Tim Cockney
Photo Section : Hearse Styles of the Rich and Famous
Random Facts: Some hearse terminology


 The content of this e-zine comes from a variety of sources: some I've written myself, some has been written by friends, and some has been contributed by other Internet users just like you.

I hope you enjoy this e-zine. Be sure to send e-mail to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas). I'll be updating frequently, so check back often!